Broken but unyielding: The cost of faith

“The 12 Faces of Persecution” are real accounts of persecuted Christians who are standing strong as they suffer for their faith.

It was 5 a.m. and Sattar’s family was fast asleep.

Suddenly, seven heavily armed Muslim militants broke down the front door, rushed inside and began looting the house. When Sattar tried to stop them, they overpowered him, knocked him to the ground and beat him.

One of the assailants stood on his neck, grabbed his daggar and was about to slit Sattar’s throat when other family members began screaming, alerting the neighbors. His attackers fled.

This was the most violent encounter, but certainly not the first time that Muslims in Sattar’s tiny village in Bangladesh had targeted this family and other Christ-followers in his neighborhood.

Renounce your faith…or else!

Two months earlier, Sattar and a group of persecuted Christians in the area filed a complaint with police that they were being targeted because of their faith. They were harassed at work, cut off from having business with others in the village and watched helplessly as their children were mistreated in school.

After the police stepped in, the hostile acts stopped — for a while. Then they picked up again, with Muslims insisting that Sattar and his fellow believers renounce their faith and seek forgiveness in the Mosque.

They refused.

“They continue to stand firm in their faith in Jesus Christ,” one witness told us.


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