I call on You, my God, for You will answer me; turn Your ear to me and hear my prayer. — Psalm 17:6

Dear Readers,

I’m sure you’ve seen the news this week.
Bashar al-Assad’s regime has been accused of launching chemical weapons against their own people. The images are devastating. It’s hard to imagine such an evil action against humanity.
President Trump replied with a swift missile assault in retaliation.
And we’ve received the following message from a partner in Damascus:
“The world uses bombs and rockets. We have a weapon that gives life: the Word of God. Many thousands of families found their way to the churches. But we need help.”
Much is unknown in this hour. What does tomorrow hold? Will this already tense situation escalate, or will our leaders and the leaders of the world pursue diplomacy?
But one thing we do know: as believers in Jesus, we must hit our knees in prayer.
Prayer knows no boundaries. It opens doors. It opens hearts. It’s our holy obligation in our partnership with God to bring His will to pass on earth “as it is in heaven.”
Please pray for our partners throughout Syria. Compelled by building God’s kingdom — most refuse to leave. This is their mission field.  And their calling.
And our partners on the ground ask for you to pray for all the innocent bystanders — regardless of their faith. Many have been caught in the crossfire…and the loss of life has been senseless.
I’d also ask you to lift up all our world leaders — to work towards peace.  And for God’s Spirit to guide discussions and provide peaceful options.
 Dr. David Curry


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