I see four men walking around in the fire, unbound and unharmed. (Daniel 3:25)

Living in Soweto means that people expect you to make choices, spiritual as well as political choices. We had made a spiritual choice which had political implications:

To preach Christ instead of systems;
To preach love instead of hatred.

This choice made us a friend of some and an enemy of many. The more so because my children formed a music group which became rather popular in South Africa. Yet we realized that it is better to be faithful than to be popular.

The radical black political groups wanted us to join forces with them. When we refused to take sides, we became a target. This is always the case in spiritual warfare. When we follow the crowd we are no danger to the devil, but when we step out of the crowd for our faith in Jesus Christ, we become a threat to the devil. That puts us in dangerous situations. It seems to be safer to stand in the background and watch other people fight than to be in the front line where the battle is being fought.

Yet I would rather stand in the front line. That’s the place where you experience blessing, victory and peace. Yes, peace in the middle of the fight. I would rather stand with Daniel’s friends in the middle of the fiery oven, than to be outside and get killed by the heat – it is a matter of choice.

When you make that choice you are not bound anymore but you will be (Daniel 3:24) “loose, walking around in the midst of the fire.” The only heat you will experience is the warmth of His presence.


Grace Dube from South Africa. Her husband was stabbed to death. She continues to preach his message of forgiveness.

Copyright [C] 1995 Open Doors International. Used by permission


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