Syrian Muslims in crisis need Bibles!

As you may have seen in the news headlines early last month, government forces and Syrian rebels have massacred and tortured an untold number of people in Aleppo after an extended siege and intense fighting.

The result was a humanitarian disaster. But it’s opened doors to an incredible opportunity.

Our partners on the ground immediately launched into action.

And because of your support, over 12,000 men, women and families received emergency supplies like food, hygiene packages, blankets, mattresses, winterization materials, medicines and other supplies.

Because of the nature of the ongoing crisis, primarily in Muslim-dominated areas, countless Muslims are seeking — and receiving — refuge and support from local churches!

And our partners have issued the following incredible report and request:

“Providing emergency aid has opened doors to the gospel in Aleppo and throughout Syria. Muslims are coming to church. They want to hear the Good News and they’re thirsty to know more about God. But we need more Bibles.”

That’s why I’m writing to you today to ask for your help in providing God’s Word to Syria.

Every Bible costs just $5 to provide, but when placed into the hands of a Syrian Muslim seeking Christ — it could make an eternal difference.

That’s why I’m hoping you’ll give your most generous gift now.

This is an incredible opportunity, in the midst of turmoil, for the worldwide Body of Christ to be a light in the darkness — ushering in a golden age for the church in the Middle East.

Thank you in advance.

In Christ,

Dr. David Curry    (Open Doors USA, PO Box 27001, Santa Ana, CA 92799)


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