I desire the vision of an eagle, the boldness of a lion, the gentleness of a lamb, the purity of a dove, the resilience of an ant, the strength of an elephant, the speed of a cheetah, the sonorous voice of a nightingale, the height of a giraffe.

I desire the trust of a new born, the loving arms of a real mom, the firm voice of a true father, the helping hands of a brother and sister.

I desire the pride of a virgin, the vigour a warrior, the beauty of a princess, the handsomeness of a prince, the luxury of a queen, the lordship of a king.

I desire the hope of a barren, the faith of a priest, the sacrifice of a nun, the joy a worshipper, the calmness of a budhist, the dedication of a muslim, the zealousness of a revivalist.

I desire the orderliness of day and night, the diversity of life and nature, the stability of a rotating earth, the agreement of day and night, the seasonality of winter and summer.

I desire the dependence of a man, the obedience of an angel, the sacredness of a god, the uncanny nature of a deity.

I desire so many things but all I truly ever want to be is “Whatever GOD says I am”.

-funmibi o.

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