Hey there, I’m Emeka. I help people redefine their lives and most importantly fulfill their God-given purpose. I was born to do this.






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  1. Thanks again for the like at DailyBiblePrayer. May you hear God’s voice with great understanding and wisdom. And be courageous enough to obey all He says to you. Like the stress it takes on a string to make a musical note, may God use the stress in your life to make beautiful music that glorifies Him. Laura

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  2. Emeka, thank you for liking and following my blog. I am honored! I listened to your music and it was a worship experience! I cried like I do when I am praying as I began to sing a prayer in the music back to our Lord. It was awesome!! I haven’t ever experienced anything quite like that before. Didn’t expect it!!
    I realize you are very busy, but to know me is to go back into my archives and read what our God has done with my life in spite of great health challenges. I would not compare myself with you. I know you have had your own. We all have our own and our own road to walk. It’s amazing isn’t reading the different blogs and seeing God work in everyone’s lives? If only the atheists in the world could see all this!! I speak often to people the Lord brings me that don’t believe. I know I get to plant seeds. It’s up to Him from there.

    I will look forward to hearing your music again and to continuing the conversation with a fellow believer in Nigeria!.

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  3. Hello Brother Emeka, always great to meet another follower of our King of Kings Jesus Christ, I look forward to following your blog and more importantly standing shoulder to shoulder with another Soldier for Christ. It’s a battlefield out there and I love how we can reach around the world and lock arms from anywhere.

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  4. Hey Emeka! Me too! Me Too! Me too! 🙂 Using the Gifts and Awareness I have been Blessed with ….IT IS my Purpose As well! In a World where NO Thing is Random….So very Glad to Meet You! Big Bright Blessings , Alisa

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  5. Hi Emeka, thank you so much for all your likes on my new blog. I will soon have some drone pictures from my beautiful country Norway 🇳🇴I enjoyed your blog, stay well, Eva

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  6. Emeka! Thank you for liking DailyBiblePrayer! I am excited to spend some time in your site as well. May you use your God-given gifts and talents to reach and encourage many people in their relationship with Christ. May God bless and expand your efforts. In the power of the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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  7. Hello Emeka,

    I think your ‘About’ page must be the most confident one I have ever read. Congratulations on discovering and following your purpose.

    I believe you spent quite some time at my blogs today. I trust you found my posts edifying and encouraging.

    Thank you for showing your appreciation of my material by your likes.

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  8. Thank you Emeka Ofili, for visiting and liking my blog. Hope you were encouraged and edified. Continue doing the good work that our Lord has called you for. Do not forget to study and try implementing the Teachings of Jesus in Mathew 5,6 and 7. God Bless you.

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